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When tax dollars push bigotry and lies let’s not just grumble, let’s demand a recall

Saturday, May 29th, 2004

How often have you listened to Rush Limbaugh’s bigotry?
Do you approve of his lies about Democrats being un-American? Do you
believe that blacks and homosexuals are less than human? Do you agree
that folks who work toward peace are unpatriotic? Should anyone be forced
to listen to the views of one side of a political idiot?

Of course not. And no one should be subjected to
his blather if they can choose not to. He has a right to be a liar,
a bigot, a fat doper, or even a pusher, if he chooses. But a listener
ought to be able to push a control and shut his form of expression off
if one chooses.

Our armed forces – our brave heroes protecting us
on foreign soil – do not have that choice. Limbaugh is broadcast on
our Armed Services Network around the world. And this is with your tax
dollars! Unlike some one sided host shows there is no rebuttal, no other
side of the question, just the bigotry that we claim does not exist
in our beloved "God given" country.

Who puts the material on the air for our service
men and women? Our Secretary of War? Oh I forget just who is our Secretary
of War? Who decides what our brave fighters in the trenches must hear?
We do have a Secretary of Defense. Does that Secretary defend our heroes
from hatred of fellow officers and companions in the trenches?

Who decides that our armed services personnel should
be taught bigotry and hate of fellow citizens? Who decides the good
and patriotic stuff that goes out to the ears of our loved ones eager
for encouraging words from home? Tar and feathers are too good for that

Hate talk shows do not represent American Democracy.
Demand a recall of the individual who programs hate into the Armed Services
Radio Network.