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First Things First

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Keeping simple tasks in order can be frustrating at times, actually distracting, especially when the job can’t be performed without something else put out of the way. For instance, I need to finish drawings for the cachet the Tri-Cities Stamp club will use in October for the thirty second cachet and stamp cancellation. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? And well it should be. Except I have to have space to lay my drawing paper.

In my house that is the kitchen table. But you know what? It is cluttered with remains of my breakfast – a crumpled napkin, crumbs, and empty dishes. Not much, but a messy place to work. It must be cleared and if I want to save time later, I wash the dishes and put them away. So I’ve been distracted, big time.

I accept these distractions taking note of the urgency. If it is timely critical to finish the original task, my reaction will be entirely different than it will be if I have more time. If, like a zebra, I see a lion leap to attack me, I immediately spring in the opposite direction and leave the savanna. OK, just sweep the mess off the table and get on with the job. However, if I have an extra day to do the job, like a squirrel patiently cracking the shell of a difficult nut, I take care of the distractions and relax and get back to the drawing.

Oh how neatly one thing leads to another! Back to the simple task, it got done. That is how the brain works.