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Close watch

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Johnny Cash kept a close watch on “this heart of mine” but my heart needs no extra attention so I keep a close watch on this earth of mine. Would you believe that for the first half of March 10, the day of the birth of my number four child, there were ten – yes ten – earthquakes around the world! Earthquakes are movements of the crustal plates that are constantly moving against, over, or under each other, around the hot liquid core of this odd little blue dot that Carl Sagan called our home. Many of these quakes this day are deep within the ocean floors and hardly noticed. How they affect the whole scheme of things we do not think upon.

One such quake that brought memory recall was off to the east of Tromski, Norway, where I spent a day in the land of the Midnight sun. A truly unusual experience. No night! And truly, no fatigue. What magic the sun has! These crustal movements surely have an effect on the ocean currents and why not on the winds and weather that affect us all? The great rift in Africa opens by millimeters. The Atlantic is spreading as well. And the Himalayas rise. Yet we contemplate that humans cause it all!

Such arrogance! Should be humbling, really. We are small and insignificant and yet we think we have an effect on global warming or anything else worldwide. Ludicrous!

Many of the quakes occur in the ring around the Pacific Ocean, dubbed the Ring of Fire, but all parts of the earth’s crust move as well. A quake will occur in Kenya in the rift valley, and in the north Atlantic, and in the Himalaya area. But remember the earth is as alive as we are and its crust (the outer 35 miles) is moving around the inner liquid core with the law of physics as we all are.

Some day I am going to ask how the crust boundaries came about.

Knowledge is fascinating. Science was created by human curiosity and the knowledge is more exciting than any fantasy our imagination can create.

Einstein ahead of my time

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

You wanna know what I think? Einstein had it all backwards. Instead of time being part of the equation, it caused the equation. If that brilliant man had not come up with whatever it was he came up with our universe would not be barreling along at full speed and pushing all matter forward out of control. I am not able to get all the things done that is on my “to do” list. Not even my “hope to” list.

I suppose part of the problem is that humans evolved a brain (here’s where I want to be part of the crowd) with unlimited synapses and the silly cells that just simply do not know how to quit. Plans pile up and some actually come to fruition but meanwhile other things jump right in there to replace them with no end in sight. Our skulls are not getting any bigger but the brains keep on packing and folding and scrunching experiences where there is so little room. That’s not the half of it. Lions and tigers and fairies, oh my. Our imagination and creativity throw in stuff that is totally unrelated to reality. Boy oh boy does that complicate the whole shebang!

Well there is no hope for it. I have to learn to use the word NO. Put a hold on my imagination? NO! Little kids say it all the time. Tell them to do something and they say NO. Ask them to do something and they say NO. Ask them if they would like to do this and they say NO. Why can’t I say NO?

Cuz I’m having too much fun, that’s why.

Let me in

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

I want to blog.