Sunrise brightened the scene beyond my bedroom window and upon awakening I studied the bare crisscrossed limbs of English walnut, Black walnut, apricot, and plum trees. I flexed my muscles prepared to swing my feet to the floor and froze. I mean stiffened. I cringed at the grip of a charley horse in the calf of my left leg. Now if that isn’t a picture of misplaced animals I never heard of it. Closing my eyes I took a deep breath and willed myself to relax. Not easy. The muscles from my knee to the end of my big toe tightened. And the entire leg hurt. I had a good night’s sleep and was ready to face the day but as I fell back and pulled the leg in question upon the bed I felt the need for at least 40 more winks. It had been ages since I last had a visit from the naughty horse and my calf was not happy about it. What brought it about? Too much treadmill? Standing for hours at the Education Center greeting visitors? Or what? I stretched full length on the bed and tried to remember the yoga exercise for relaxation. That worked. I want to figure out why the animals decided to gather. I hope to avoid the feeling in the future. Leave the animals in the barnyard – please.

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