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Fallen Leaves

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

There is no denying that temperatures are not going to warm up to the poet’s promise of October’s bright blue weather. I waited for the heavy humidity that masqueraded for rain to stop before going out in the back yard this morning to admire the colorful leaves. I am pleased that one of the two hundred-foot soaker hoses looks secure hanging on the apricot tree. The hoses were not put out this spring and were piled by my ferns. I was concerned that they might be frozen and damaged so I diligently wiped the mud off the entire length of one. That was just too much work. I gathered the other one and looped it over a branch of the apple tree skeleton and turned on the full force of my water hose. It may not be quite as pristine as the one I labored over but the mud washed off nicely. Now no longer in danger of being damaged should heavy snow turn to ice in the next few months. My yard waste bin is full but I raked up piles to refill it next week. The long needles of the Ponderosa pines in the shelter belt blow over into the yard also and if I’m lucky I’ll get those raked and moved before they’re covered with snow. The English walnut trees have yet to shed their leaves so the raking job will be ongoing. With my six-foot cedar fence surrounding the back yard there is no hope of the wind taking the fallen leaves down Abbot Street and beyond as might be the case of those in the front yard. If the piles don’t freeze hard, me and my rake will conquer all.

Top To Bottom

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Great day beginning with good exercise, walking and leaf raking. I’m told repeatedly that I am in extremely good physical shape for my age but I think that is bullhocky, just a meaningless statement like: How are you? Of course I get around where and when I want to go but how does that relate to age, or for that matter how does that relate to the human body? My feet swell, my thigh aches, my hips hurt, my mouse hand feels torchered if I sit too long without standing and walking. So I do – get up and go out. In the deep recess of my mind I dream of little green men, purple women, or aliens vacuuming my carpet, wiping the kitchen linoleum, and dislodging eight legged critters from the highest darkest corners of every room. Well of course that doesn’t happen. I get busy and do some of those things and feel good about it. What awaits the resurgence of my energy is patient. I will get to the leftovers some time and feel good about that too. Now it is time to lay flat on my back and let my mind exercise with dangerous ocean adventures of Dirk Pitt or in Russian pursuit of Joe Mack in Siberia. Such a life!


Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Complaints are interesting. Especially coming from a person who usually doesn’t – complain, I mean. Imagine complaining about being too warm. For me that does not compute. Staying warm is why I chose to live in this desert. And even now there is a chill in the air. Winter looms. Shorter days. Longer nights. Beautiful afghans are wrapped around my knees while I read novels set in warm climates. About painting. What a new perspective to have walls take on a different color! However the brush doesn’t work itself so its extension will ache the next day. At least mine does after I do brushwork. And I complain. No apology. Then again I complain a lot. I welcome a conversation even when I have to answer myself. I have a nice tight house. If the neighbors could hear me I’d be put in the funny farm.

All Aboard

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Recycle was on the city pickup schedule this morning and I missed the boat. The truck comes down Abbot Street at or before seven am, hours before my eyes opened. Before I took off to visit in Bellingham I always put the bin out the night before pickup was due and I wasn’t concerned about when I had to wake up. I failed to begin the old schedule so my recycle will stand until next time. Today is gray with cloudy skies and a wind that gusts up to 19 mph. A temperature of 48 F was not conducive to photography but nevertheless I shot a number of leaf color contrasts from the red of the woodland shrubs to the vibrant yellow of my English walnuts, both in the front of the house and by the back steps. Douglas, the fir, has Ponderosa pine needles scattered about it as if getting an early start to decorate for holidays. I borrowed “Friends” camera yesterday because I am out of batteries for my own, which reminds me, I must renew my supply. I have a gallery of fall photos but none of the Cottonwood I passed coming over Snoqualmie on my return trip. Wade’s cottonwood shows not a speck of color change in its leaves. Before I ran away to play I would spend several days at McNary NWR but I decided to change that. Beginning today I will add pages (or at least paragraphs) to the new story: “North By Camel” a romance set in Australia in the second world war years somewhere in the early 1940’s. That means turning over a new leaf – and it is months before a new year. Never too soon to grab a birth in a brand new ship on its maiden voyage.

Aim and Shoot

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The hour was 4pm when I decided to go to McNary NWR and pick up my camera. I also borrowed the Nikon DX with the exchangeable lenses which has no chip in it. Neither camera was useble and I missed a beautiful sunset. I replaced the batteries in my COOLPIX so I can shoot the sunrise and pretty colored leaves in my front yard if they haven’t all blown off in today’s brisk wind. I am not running at full speed since yesterday when I fell and bruised my right thigh. I simply fell backward when I couldn’t unhook the roll up screen on my computer room window and it flipped and hung by one corner. I looked at it and tried again while standing with both feet on the ground and the next moment I was laying on my back looking at the sky. My back is OK but forget about climbing a ladder to clean the rain gutters. The house takes a better picture without those screens anyway.

Rained On

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Nothing was planned for today but the dripping eaves made it clear that I would not be wading through crisp leaves in the back yard, or anywhere else for that matter. Thunder rumbled last night so the rain was not unexpected. The middle finger on my left hand ached and the right ring finger throbbed when I pulled on my socks. I made toast and ate with raspberry jam and milk, my excuse for breakfast. I had coffee with milk and sugar as an eye opener after I got up to close my window against the balmy air at 0630. This is October? Felt more like spring. Maybe the sky would lighten up later on. For now I will settle back and continue to renew my acquaintance with the street lawyer in the 350 page hard back by John Grisham. My little toe on the right side did not look forward to a walk just now so I will sit tight and read on.

No Mooning

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The full moon is not going to show itself through the cloud cover tonight. I checked that out after dark when it was apparent the clouds would hover. I walked out back this morning in the crispy leaves thick at my feet. The ground was dry and I drug out some hose to water the cherry trees. I was overly optimistic when I drained the hoses and hung them up last week. I can’t believe all the leaves are off my trees but with the fence there is no chance of the neighbor’s leaves blowing in so I will have to live with them. They pretty well cover the tall grass I do not want to cut. Saved my hide, that did. Wade mowed his lawn today as did the man across the street. People just don’t want to leave it alone. I can close the drapes, lean back and read until bedtime. I checked out a bag of books just for that purpose. Wait another month to see a full moon.


Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Keeping to myself – away from the activities at the Refuge is an exercise about ignorance. Don’t listen to phone messages. I was lucky to have ignored the flashing light on my phone until the time for the announced activity had passed. I had an appointment at the Costco Hearing Center on October 20 and I took care of that the day after my return from Bellingham. The hearing aids were tested and I was quizzed on my impression of their usefulness of which I am pleased. There isn’t much I buy in large quantities so I expected to come away from that store with no purchases. However I was seduced by the colorful pictures on the spring bulbs sale packages. I bought 50 narcissus bulbs. They are an early spring bloom when planted outdoors but I have visions of forced blooms for the deepest darkest winter. I shall see if the ones I potted in the living room are as vibrant and lusty as claimed on the package. Not the usual Christmas red, I am looking forward to a bright holiday treat.

Mid Pleasures and Palaces

Monday, October 18th, 2010

This fancy Bread and Breakfast where I have been for weeks has not lost its appeal but skies are mostly cloudy and the air is damp, sometimes saturated with wetness. I dream of home. I have visions of clear skies and sunshine. The temperature will be just as cool in Richland, but less humid. The visit has been a very good one.The trip will take five hours or more and that is a big undertaking. Translated: long time in driver’s seat stresses old hip bones. Snoqualmie Pass is only 3200 feet in elevation but it is uphill that far. However once I get over the summit the road goes downhill all the way home. Just the thought warms me. Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.

Bright Blue Weather

Friday, October 15th, 2010

The month of October is known for its bright weather. In my life its brightness comes from family. There is my sister Ruth, on October 18, granddaughter Ashton Elizabeth on October 20, and son Thomas Edward on October 28. November 5 for son Timothy David, November 13 for my mother, November 14 for grandson Wilson Avery. My birthday calendar is tacked to my kitchen wall at home but I remember daughter-in-law, Laurel had a birthday in October also. So much for birthdays. No matter what the weather, I have a great family. And the birth dates are scattered throughout the year, especially when I count nieces and nephews and a cousin or two.