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One Day

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Today is the last Saturday of the first month of the year as well as the last day of the last week in the first month. Before folks came up with symbols people who marked the days actually marked the days with perhaps a scratch on the rock, or a stick in the cave wall. I have a handy dandy calendar – a sheet of paper with little boxes and the number of the day of the month the box represents. But then you do to so what’s the big deal? Just this: after New Year’s Day I received thirteen calendars – not a one did I request – the letter of congratulations however suggested that I send back the reply envelope noting in the accompanying box that I did indeed receive the calendar. And oh, by the way include a check in the amount of $50, $35, or $10 to help in this worthy cause. Thirteen not-for-profit organizations heavily engrossed in research for a cure of just about anything my li’le ol’ body might be stricken with. (Just to prove they knew something very special about me, there were two separate requests for money to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.) Maybe the exercise I began this paragraph with indicates a silliness towards a paper on the wall but a failing of active synapses it does not.

Run Around

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

None of the office supply stores handle the three-ring plastic sheets that I use for organizing stamps. Office Max, Office Depot and Target clerks couldn’t find anything like what I never had difficulty finding before. Frustrating to say the least. One clerk did offer to look them up in their catalog and when we did I did not find what I wanted. The ones I have in my notebooks do not have a product number that I hoped they might. I pulled down my notebooks and recalled that I had purchased those pages at at stamp and coin collector shop near the laundromat. I could check there while laundering my white bathrobe tomorrow. I wash smaller stuff but can’t handle that big item. I did lot of walking today while on search of stamp holder sheets but that was over and above the ten circuits around the shop I made by moonlight at six am. And I also made ten circuits before supper and I needed to sit down. Doc told me to elevate my feet when sitting – an easy position while relaxing in my recliner. As soon as I finish my fuzzy navel I will retire with my legs to bed and read myself to sleep. Leave the running around to do for my work tomorrow.

Heart Happy

Monday, January 24th, 2011

My cardiologist looked over last week’s echo scan this morning and found no change from a year ago. He went on to reiterate the information about various parts of the heart in more technical terms than I could follow but assured me there is no further deterioration in the muscles. Regarding swelling of my feet he suggested I elevate my feet while sitting. Exercise would move the blood around and I should do so. Last night after talking to Nancy I went out and made ten circuits around the shop in the moonlight, or rather by the reflection of neighbors’ security lights. The temperature is up in high forty’s and not uncomfortable in which to walk. The trail is easy to follow without a flashlight. At one time I never left the house without my cell phone but I seem to have gotten out of the habit. Right now I do not even know where that machine is. Maybe someone will make call me and it will reveal its location.

Rental Open?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

There usually isn’t anything new on a Friday. School buses come and go and cars carry people off to work but I stand drinking my coffee at the kitchen sink as I always. A tan SUV stops, the driver steps out and walks up to 410. The passenger gets behind the steering wheel and drives off. So I think there is now a renter for the vacant half of the duplex. The man holds his coffee mug (I assume) in his right hand and goes to the house door. It won’t open. He shifts the mug to his left hand and puts a cell phone to his ear. He stalks back and forth waiting. At last another car drives up and a young classy woman jumps out and shakes the man’s hand and obviously unlocks the house door. They step inside. Was it a tryst? This morning I had no patience to wait. I had planned to sprinkle cleaner on my carpets but that now lost its appeal. What to do? The jigsaw puzzle of Rainier is a lovely panorama on the card table and I decide not to put it back in its box. I am in a stage of indecision, a stage I more often lately step into. I must figure a way into another spotlight because doing nothing is likely to make me fat(er) and maybe comatose. I hope a whole family moves into the duplex and brings new action. Otherwise I will just have to put on my coat and get active on my own.

Whiff of the Past

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Years have passed since I’ve been called as a character reference in a job opportunity and I had to wrack my brain to remember details about that person. I didn’t realize just how much I had forgotten and am still trying to remember the last name of my friend, his mother-in-law, who long since died of cancer. She lived down two blocks and I chauffeured her to the grocery store so she could get hundred-pound bags of food for her dogs. She not only didn’t drive but had given up a car and related expenses to scrape up enough money to send her daughter to college. Funny what little it takes to bring out memories stored in my brain. And one piece of fog clears and I can see clearly now, happy to be helpful but will remain focused forward for the good things to come.


Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

When Tim and I met for camping on the slope of Mount Rainier last summer I went to the visitors center to get a thimble to add to my collection. I got two jigsaw puzzles instead, one of the mountain and one of the Oregon Coast. Nancy mentioned she had spoke to Ashton and that made me remember when Ashton stayed with me for several weeks and we spent some time putting together jigsaw puzzles. Now I keep them on a high shelf on the back porch wrapped in plastic away from the dust. I discovered a puzzle of the panorama of Rainier that I had never opened. I thought I had better take care of that. I have no commitments at the refuge nor any other reason to go out so I broke the seals on the box and spread the pieces on my handy dandy folding card table. I can box the pieces in a New York minute if a card player shows up for a hot game. The puzzle has over 500 pieces and measures 12 by 36 inches showing the mountain and its slopes. A few evergreen trees are in the foreground to give a marvelous perspective and it is indeed lovely to behold. I never climbed that mountain but I can tell after a few working hours that constructing the puzzle will be daunting enough.

Charts and Hearts

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Dr. Seda (cardiologist) went over with me the results of the blood drawn last week and looked at my heart and related health. Cholesterol level OK, sugar a little high, excused that due to recent holidays when we overdo. He wanted to see an Echo test on my heart which I arranged and went back at noon to have done. That involved lying on my left side and connected to six (I think) patches that recorded images of my beating heart. Doctor will interpret those images to me next week. My weight has gone up (as if I didn’t know) and reducing it will take work, at least more exercise than playing games on the computer which unfortunately broadens other areas, and not my intellect. I can’t make tight fists but then I have no desire to fight anyone or anything. My ring fingers ache and I suppose that is partly because of the changing weather pressure. Regarding the weather, wind is blowing hard but with temperatures in the sixties I am reminded of spring. Too soon, really, but feels good.

Short Filled Hours

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Days are not getting noticeably longer but still some hold more pleasant contentment and, while not out of the ordinary, require a special check on my calendar. I wake up at 0530 regardless of what the day has on its docket. Orange juice first thing then sweet and creamy coffee. I sat on my bed thinking that there were hours until I met with the Freethought Group and maybe I ought to go back to sleep. For me that is hopeless so I instead dreamed of happy things to pass the time. I pictured Jessie Spurgeon, Frank Schmittroth, Al Stellwagon, Yvonne and (husband) Agular, and Jim and Alma, a couple who always go to the same places in separate cars. Al unsure of his new PC was picking Frank’s brain about operating procedure.

I had a beef pot roast TV dinner at 2 pm and a lettuce salad with Ranch dressing at 0430.

Clearly visible bone-white moon is 91 percent full at 845 pm. A balmy breeze is becoming more persistent and is expected to reach violent proportions soon – 35 mph gusting later up to 60 or more. The gusts push at my walls and will no doubt spin off small branches from Douglas for me to gather up for the yard bin. Old Glory down the street is shaking its pole and vibrating with a vengeance.

Too early for bed, I will continue Stephen King’s “ Rose Madder” which is about battered women and extremely interesting.

Write Today

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

When I put my feet on the floor this morning I remembered that I had no restrictions on this Saturday so I thought I will write. I have four books on Amazon and best seller book jackets boast of the millions in print and it looks as if I have a long way to go. I put 300 more words on the Bald Eagle story this morning but still have forty nine thousand to make a full length novel. More work. Persistence. I meet with a group of writers each week at Borders Bookstore of which none have made a sale to big publishers. One time the subject of self publishing came up and the idea was not considered very good by the group leader. I thought, what’s the deal? After all, novels were considered published if put on the Internet and that is what I do. Stephen King, in the foreword of his book, The Gunslinger, reminded that a writer must write. Every little bit helps, I think, and so I do write. After all isn’t that a good use of words? Oh, I like to talk and do as often as I have an audience but the words become more special when in print on a page for more to see, especially since the page can be picked up to be read when I am not around.

Democrat Potluck

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Moon and stars were bright in the night sky when I returned from the Democrat Potluck 2011, January 14, Friday at the Richland Labor Temple at eight pm. The meeting began at 6 and there were about fifty people, mostly older folks, the regulars who hold the party strong. Our speaker was a man from Canada who talked about the economy and how it reacts to the vision of the people. He was a good speaker and gave thoughtful answers to local questions. He reminded us that government provides regulations that we often overlook and one was health care. I went to Fred Meyers for ant killer earlier this morning and sprayed it all around the water and sewer inlets. It has no odor but my sinus feel invaded so I will sleep with my windows open tonight. On my new tan flannel sheets with a flurry of autumn leaves, oak and pine, prettily done in reds and blacks in which I will soon sleep. Tomorrow I will spread dry cleaner on the carpet and vacuum the grit and dust away. I am writing more on my eagle story but it is not moving along as easily as the four other books I wrote earlier and that are available on Amazon. That covers all the basis of my life except that as the speaker talked of other countries I thought of all the places I have yet to visit. Oh boy, oh boy, travel agent, here I come!