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Merry, merry

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Up at 0730, showered, met with the old Quaker then Al picked me up at 10 am and with Mildred, Alma and Jim, Dave and Frank at Starbucks in Kennewick, the only coffee shop that doesn’t kneel at the manger on December 25. I was dropped off at home, get into my car and meet those above for lunch (brunch) in Kadlec lunchroom where I had ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, and coffee. We expected to meet again at Al’s for a 2 pm dessert. I brought pumpkin and mince pie home. Just do not have the capacity to forever eat all that sweet stuff. Sure tasted good, though. Had pretty good conversation, too, so I had to find my way home in the dark. Well my car has good headlights and I did get home. I took down the glitzy balls and packed them away for the season. Must get green peas for soup seasoned with ham. Mouth waters at the thought! I wrote three hundred words on the Nov story and will work on that again before bedtime. Maybe not. I am sleepy enough for bed now. It is 9 pm so that is where I will go.

Jingle Balls

Friday, December 23rd, 2011
Jingle bells, Santa Clause, or elves, I cannot get into the holiday season with dry leaves in colors of tan, brown and red blowing around my knees. In the mall evergreen trees – cut off is what they are – real trees grown especially to be sacrificed – are swathed in tinsel and colorful shiny balls. I’ll admit they set an aromatic ambiance – those real trees. Then I found out there are tree farms that grow spruce and other species of evergreen just for December – the holiday season. I have an editor friend that supplemented (immensely) her regular paycheck by contracting and shipping truckloads of cut trees to Florida. Probably still is because she soon retired from the editing department. When an evergreen is set up and decorated with all sorts of baubles, garlands and tinsel it does set a special holiday scene. I was born a long time past in Minnesota, a land of lands but also a land of trees. Tradition or no, I can find no justification for killing a live tree and planting it my house. But I do appreciate looking at them. Mall – eyes wide open, here I come.

Happy Solstice

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

What a great beginning to a holiday weekend! Frosty, a sprinkling of snow. The Sandworm came back yesterday, for the holiday, I suspect. The trailer appears to be a long double. The far end is behind my tin shed but the critter will no doubt be here for a few days so I can go to the fence and check it out if I really have to know. I put up a string of holiday lights above the eye level curtain in my front window. Quite pitiful in view of the neighbor’s spectacular displays but all I will invest in for the season. From my side they are pretty. I bought eggnog and other products this morning to properly fatten me up. My chinning rod is sturdy and in place and will give my arms a workout. My tummy always goes along for the ride with hardly any exertion at all. No shopping because all shops close for a long weekend. I will be staying home, inside with these low temperatures, warm and snuggly. I thought of loading up with library books and decided I had better write my own and so I will. As long as I sit I should write. I have 3000 words on my moth novel and found some lepidoptra facts to add but still it is a long, long way from the fifty thousand needed to meet the annual challenge. I have a tank of gas and can run away from it all if I so desire. Buena from next door, when she brought over some mashed potatoes, was surprised my kids would not be visiting. I didn’t ask if she had a celebration planned. Nor did I invite her over for ham dinner.

Tree Time

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

When I stepped out to get mail today I found the package of flowering shrubs sent as a reward from Arbor Day Foundation for planting ten evergreen trees received on Washington’s Arbor Day. There is apparently no limit to ways for that group to encourage tree planting. I had responded to an earlier query as to whether I received ten spruce trees months ago and that I planted them and further reported that they were alive and growing. That’s all the encouragement that outfit needed. The present temperature is freezing or maybe a degree or two warmer(?) but prime transplanting time for more trees. Evidently the Nebraska headquarters knew this was the ideal time to plant, when roots would have time to spread out and flourish in Richland. Whoopee. Just what I need is to dig ten more holes. Well it is either that or at least one small ditch in which to heel in these fresh new ones. If I must get dressed for outdoor work I might as well go the whole nine yards and get it over with. I’m reminded that Richland was awarded the title of Tree City once in the past and now I could be a party to purifying the air and soak up carbon dioxides in the process. These newly arrived plants were shrubs which would add lovely scented flowers – lilac, Crab apple, golden chain tree, Redbud, Kousa and white flowering dogwood. Am I lucky or what? Well I had better put on a happy face because I do love trees. I may not be around long enough to see them break out in blossoms but remember what is said about good deeds!

Pretend Kitchen Smart

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Thirty-one degrees is not my idea of the temperature in which to play out of doors so I bundled up to do my walkabout. My Sandworm intrigued me my moving in on a weekday, way out of the ordinary. And besides the unusual day, it had a red tractor instead of the blue as before. And when I went again to look out back, the big long item was moving on toward the west. Why? How should I know the way truckers transport loads across the country? The trucks did come in behind Abbot street from the east. I had previously discovered they were pulled by tractors registered to a firm in Pasco. Someday I may find out why they come on a back street between me and the Bypass highway. But that is off the subject. What is a bit scarey is me doing something so domestic as baking a pie. Well not really baking it – a jello creation that only needs beating in cold milk then refrigerating. Boy could I handle that! Brought on need for cleanup and without messing with a dishwasher, I washed bowls, spatulas and spoons in regular Palmolive soapy water, then rinsed and set to dry on a rack. Take it easy, I do not want that to become a habit. Haven’t I arranged to partake of holiday meals with friends? So I shall continue. Only fuss around the kitchen every now and again so I won’t forget what capacity is shelved there. My email is open to invitations. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime, dinner.

Old Reliable

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

To verify the date as well as the day, I rely on my computer. Somehow I thought this was Monday. can’t buy booze on weekends and I wanted Vodka to make a fuzzy naval but somehow I found other stuff to do and didn’t get to the state liquor store until today. Its location is beyond my usual stops so it was with extra effort to get there at all. The clerk had been out to my Refuge to relate the history of Duck Stamps years ago and he was pleased to see me again although when I asked how he was, he shrugged and admitted that his was a steady job. The temperature has decided to be winter and I was happy to be cuddled in my holiday red cardigan, although it is not thick enough to go for a hike at this time of year. Anyway it was only a few steps to the liquor store door, fifteen minute parking is enforced in several slots out front. I carry my Deb Jennings cap and that is warm and I wear it when I have to get out of the car. My Hyundai takes a few miles before the engine warms for the heater to send out warm air so I was almost home before I got warm. I stopped at Fred Meyers for bread, that’s the real reason I went out at all. I prefer toast with my breakfast oatmeal. I think the old pilgrim does too the way he smiles from the box while I eat. Nice routine, that’s what it is. Tonight is for Drinking Liberally and I am so comfortable I have decided not to go even as a short a distance as it is to the Red Lion. I will pour my orange juice, mix in Vodka and settle back to drink at home. Cheers!