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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Well I am safely stranded simply because I chose not to leave home. I planned to drive to Bellingham this weekend to have my replaced lenses checked up. Snoqualmie pass was slushed up and required traction tires or chains neither of which I have. Nancy called this morning to suggest she come pick me up for a stay in Bellingham after the eye exam she would bring me back home. Maybe when the pass clears. For now she is staying home letting Jerry monitor the highways for a future trip. Richland was beautifully sunny this morning but now is socked in with angry gray clouds. I was out earlier to pick up small limbsĀ  blown off my spruce trees in last week’s hard winds. More wind today dancing among the tops of the Ponderosa pines. Pine cones will appear to provide exercise at the end of my leaf rake. Hey spring is out there somewhere so it will all be worth it. The debrie will be stranded in the yard waste bin until it travels to the city dump. Complicated technology isn’t it? I will have a clean back yard to admire – for a few weeks anyway.

Love’s the theme

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Be my valentine! DO! For a few hours last night the furies decided to blow furiously. But the trees are still intact – maybe just the paper or loose junk was carried into the Pacific – or into the mountains. Every thing seems to be clear this morning. Danny didn’t put out the garbage pickup until this morning so the stuff wouldn’t be scattered up and down the avenue in last night’s wind. A rare event so he says. He is working from home today. I’m just sitting inside to soak up the sun through the window. Maybe temperature will moderate later but meanwhile I will stay inside to appreciate the California sun I came to enjoy! Last night’s rain left the lawn wet so I will wait for it to dry – and for the thermometer to go up. Forty is not sun bathing weather. If it were I could have stayed at home, except along with the temperature in Richland a wind driven rain is falling. Oh Bother! I will just have to take some southern sun home. I wonder if it will pack in my pink roll-on? If I compress it – that may add to the temperature. I have a couple of days yet of sunshine! Love it!

Oh the Sunshine!

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Another great sunny day. A coolish breeze drove me inside. Just goes to show how quickly I can get addicted to the full sun in Oxnard. Where exactly is Oxnard – California, the far southern part, not out in the ocean.. I remember Ron’s Aunt Tilly getting as brown as a coffee bean and his Aunt Clara tsk tsking sadly how dangerous that was. But Tilly lived long and happily as any of the Rasmussen sisters. Longer than the brother who could not manage the current in the Mississippi River at Sartell, where all the lucky people had a job rolling logs at one time or another in their lives. RonĀ  quit his job there to get a degree in teaching at St. Cloud State College where he fortunately met the woman who made a complete joy of his life. (Hers, too). There were pleasant days in Minnesota but the winters were cold and full of snow. Most folks took advantage of that and went for taboggan rides and skated where ever they could find clear frozen ice. And because winter lasted from early October until May under bright blue skies it was enjoyed to the fullest. The wind feels a bit chilly but not freezing here in Oxnard. I will return home with tanned skin and good memories.

Umbrella time

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Believe if or not! The sun in Oxnard hid behind bloated clouds for over 24 hours. And the clouds dumped water on the back yard where I was supposed to be basking in glorious California sunshine. OK so I stayed indoors on my knees beside the end table and worked on a jigsaw puzzle of a blond beauty holding a dazzling gem in her hands. Ashton has a stack of cat puzzles to put together when the blond fizzles out. I am ready for animal land. However, I would rather squint into the big star we call our sun! Maybe tomorrow????

Clear Skies Prevail

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Warm sunny days were what I looked forward to when I left six inches of melting snow in Richland. And I have not been disappointed. The ground is not the softest to spend hours upon so I limit my sunbathing by the high point of the sun. I turn often so the tan will even out. Two more weeks to let the sun soak in. Dan, Deb and I went out for dinner last night and Ashton joined us, driving from her work. Alex and Beth joined us later and we had a nice visit. I came home with Ashton and we watched a movie “Unconquered” that had rated skads of emmys and other awards. Nearly midnight when I got to bed therefore did not take time to blog. I am quite proud of my sparkly green toenails and showed them off wearing my fancy shoes. Ashton brought out a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle of a giesha which was fun to assemble. Other than my green toenails and new shoes I have nothing new to report. Forecasts are of more sunny days, maybe even warmer. There are no ground hogs around here – at least not close by – to report that there will indeed be six weeks more of winter. That is in the countries that get any winter at all. An Oxnard winter is great.