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Full and white

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

The moon is full and white at 9pm. Easy to see the features of the man in the moon. I can’t see it from my house for the trees but it was visible on my way home from Drinking Liberally where there was the usual congenial crowd. Later as it rises above the trees I will get a clear view. However it never seems to be as large as it does when it first rises. I am an unabashed moon gazer so when I get up during the night I will also look for it. Maybe it will still be visible when I water my bushes early in the morning. I had a glazed donut and milk so now it is off to bed I go. High Hoh. High Hoh.

No Help

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Walgreen Drug store has racks of clips and combs to put up unruly hair, just none that can handle the short thin stuff on my head. I bought seven dollars worth of those hair aids and alas! none can hold the hair off my neck. A wedding is less than a month off and no way will I be able to have an elegant up swept hair style. I would like to put on a good show but it is not to be. The pair in the spotlight will have all the attention as well they should. Silly for me to think that the crowd would look at any one else.

Sweat on neck

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Only once a day I will complain about the sweat that comes out under the heavy hair on the back of my neck. Well I will try to limit complaints. In ninety degree temperatures other parts of my body sweat profusely these July days so I can move the complaints around my anatomy. A gentle breeze cooled me this morning while I pulled weeds in the front rock area. I watered last night and the unwanted plants were easier to pull, plus all of the hairy roots come out intact making it more unlikely for the plant to recover quickly. I think I pulled enough for  one day. The sticky juice of the thistles clings to my fingers catching dirt like a magnet requiring scrubbing with Comet. I had a tomato sandwich for lunch. Now I sit at my PC thinking about constructive writing. I opened all windows for cross draft and whatever air moves, comes pleasantly across. So far no words have leaked from my finger tips, maybe because none seem to be swirling around my brain looking for an outlet. I will put dedication and determination in place of sweat to make better things happen.

Cool Water

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Watering the shrubs cools the air as well. So agree all my neighbors. Those who have automatic systems turn them on in the very early mornings and have better pressure. I watered from 7 pm until 9 pm still moving the hoses. I need longer hoses to reach the individual plants out front. It is pleasant in the still of the evening to do the watering manually. Ninety F temperatures practically demand daily watering. Athough the evaporation rate is quite high while the sun glares down. Take what comes, I guess. I want the plants not only to live but prosper so daily dose of H two O is very important. the native desert plants I have out by the street require less water than the laurels but I water them every day and they like it, I can tell. I found two volunteer Ponderosa Pines amongst the stuff in front. I am pleased to watch their growth as I give them a daily dose also. It will be interesting to see how they manage along the maples and walnut trees. If I do not skimp on the water I bet they will all do just fine.


Sunday, July 29th, 2012

A large crowd at Freethought this morning, making it difficult to get into conversations with every body. The boat races must have been the reason some of those folks were in town. I am never able to talk or even hear every one because once we chose a place that is where we stay. I get frustrated trying to hear all and got into a conversation/disagreement about autism and left without getting satisfaction from it. An hour and a half is long enough to be chilled. Our meeting place at Hastings Books store is too well air conditioned. The sun enticed me away. I chipped away for over an hour at Alex’s gift. Now I rest my arm. And besides that I needed lunch. I drank a bottle of juice at the meeting and that whet my appetite and I snacked on cottage cheese. I don’t think that will hold me for long so I took out shrimp to thaw for supper. I just might get in a nap before then.

Hours in John Dam Plaza

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

At the Richland Library this morning I chose several books on carving and sculpturing wood for ideas about THE wedding gift. I think they will be very helpful. Then I was reminded that I offered to help with voter registration down in Amon Park for two hours. I helped Alicia who is a very good PR person, cute and outgoing. Mostly I held up a sign to notify people they could register to vote. We had a cool shady place by the Allied Arts building on Jadwin Avenue. I don’t know how many were registered, some just changing their address from Pasco.

Left Over

Friday, July 27th, 2012

After four hours of chip and sweat I needed fortification in some form. I raided the fridge and found Tim and Laurel’s leftovers, a shot of Jim Beam and remnants of seven up. Just the combination I needed. So I rocked on my woody and wiped my brow while deciding where the next lines will go. The wedding present awaits chiseling and rasping, maybe even sandpaper. All in due time, but it looks good, and not just because of my alcoholic haze. I think I will wax it, not use varnish as a finish. But not yet. There are more hours of chipping left to do. Tomorrow is another day that has early cool hours for sweaty work  if I wake with the sun as usual. Reminds me that oatmeal is my favorite dish to start my day. Well after coffee, a shower, orange juice and other stuff.

Chip Away

Friday, July 27th, 2012

For as little as the gift looks worked on, I can hardly believe I chipped away on the piece of basswood for four hours this afternoon. Sweat poured off and I mopped with paper towels not realizing it was ninety degrees. A draft of sorts wafted through but the sweat did not evaporate. My shop is a cool place to work and a good thing because I still have some chipping to do. Makes me think I still have many chunks I could work on. Will the energy keep up with plans set in motion by well-meaning family. I suppose if anyone could show off, it might as well be me.

Sweet for an onion

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Walla Walla sweets are what those patented onions are called but sugar sweet they are not. Laurel left one that I sliced up for lunch. My gums are not hardened enough to chew but I worked the slices with my front teeth and that helped. The sandwich was yummy with mayo and slices of the vine tomato. My jaw is still tender at the void where the tooth was and I notice most after chewing tough stuff. Dr Barton had to smash the tooth in pieces to get the tongs on it. I felt the blow when he whacked it. But that’s over and the healing begins.

Shaping Up

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

A couple of hours with a hammer and chisel brings out the shape I want in the sculpture for Alex’s wedding. It is really beginning to look like more than a block of wood. The temperature was up to eighty F well before noon but I feel good about the progress and am confident of the final outcome. My arms got tired long before my brain was ready to stop but I had clamped my jaws together all the time I pounded which brought on a headache. Very little air movement came through but in my sweaty condition it was a wonderful cool relief. I stopped for coffee and hunted for lunch. Out of paper towels, now there’s a very good excuse to go for a ride.