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Birthday Greetings

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Fifty-nine years ago or somewhere around there, on the 28th, Thomas Edward was born to Naomi and Ronald Sherer in St Cloud Minnesota. We lived in Foley at the time and I was scared that I wouldn’t get to the hospital in time to be sedated for the event so we made a couple of premature trips. I’m chicken and did not want to have a “natural” childbirth. Leave that stuff for masochists. To the devil with those who say a woman has to suffer. The vagina is elastic and will expand to accommodate a baby’s skull, but golly all that stretching hurts. Luckily the pain is soon forgotten and then the fun begins. Cloth diapers to wash encouraged early potty training. All a piece of cake. Made even easier with two preceding toddlers to practice on.

Party Was

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Yvonne did eventually pick me up well after six pm and party I did. The regular Hastings crowd was there, few from elsewhere and several I did not know. Ernie from Oregon came. I did eat a couple of fried veggie rolls and cheesy airy things. I had a couple of drinks because Al had already volunteered to take me home which left me freedom to drink. There was a great variety of liquor but two drinks were enough to make me wobbly. Anyway the party was at Aguilars and a big success from my point of view. Yvonne is a great hostess and  master at placing scary stuff around the place, laughing skeletons and yakking werewolves. Finger foods to eat and drinks to drink. Al doesn’t drink and was amenable to leaving near midnight so I am at home and ready for beddy bye.

Party Missed

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Yvonne, I thought was to pick me up for her party because they had such a small area for parking. I agreed. Driving on unfamiliar streets in daylight was not my strongest suite. In a slight drizzle that came on at sunset it was even less attractive so I waited to get a ride. Well it never materialized. So I am at home and working on my Australian story. I had turned off the heat because it really was too much but I have since turned it on again. Whether Yvonne’s Halloween party continued, I do not know but I am warm and comfortable and content to write. Rereading a book on Jefferson has taken some time also. I’m not sure what inspired that but the nickle coins that have his face in a three quarter front view are unusual and I find there several have different reverse images, one is Monticello and one is the Jefferson Memorial in the tidal basin. As to the party I will forget it and go on with other endeavors. Indulge in a chicken pot pie.

Senator Cantwell visits

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Senator Maria Cantwell stopped in Pasco on her statewide mission to bring facts to the voters before a rally that filled the Union Hall to standing room only.

Wiper replaces

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

The rear windshield wiper was in bad shape and I went to the automotive department at Freddy’s to see if I could get a new one there or if I would have to go to my auto dealer. I bought the one I thought would fit but it was too long and I went back this morning to get the right one. The clerk that waited on me yesterday was not there today but Amanda said she would do the deed. In a light mist she walked with me to the car and replaced the wiper blade. Later at home I was reminded how painful it was to breath in cold air. But I have since recovered, had brunch of cooked carrots swimming in butter, and want to get a gazetteer of Australia to help me with the story of that country. Will they have one in stock? Will go to find out. With all wipers flipping to swish away the falling rain, I should be in good shape to see my way there and back again.

Cold Continues

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Temperature stays down in the fifties F and with these short days chill is likely to continue. I didn’t care to get up this morning. Cecil reminded me that Yvonne expects each of us to concoct a costume for her party at the end of the week. She is so excited. I would like to go as a horse. So far I haven’t been able to work out such a thing but I hope inspiration will hit in time. Either she will pick me up or Al might. There is limited parking at their place.  Her parties are something to look forward to because her imagination is limitless and she appears to have reasonable funding. I will work hard to earn recognition  although she gave no clue as to what a prize might be. Right now rain is falling and at 53 degrees it is too chilly to work in my cold shop so I will stay inside and think.

Credit Restored

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

My new credit card came today, sooner than expected. I wanted to sort a box that was mostly old clothes, which it was, but I found a package of Ron’s letters to the editor of the Tri-Cities Herald. I had to stop and read them. They were dated 1986 written concerning passage of the ERA. Included were letters scorning him for his “misplaced” dedication to women’s equality. He wrote very succinctly with descriptive words and got his point across. Young women do not realize how much work it took or how long the struggle that gave them the independence they now enjoy. Anyway I’ve kept his editorials and feel no small amount of pride that he spoke up on behalf of women to get the credit they deserved.

Search in vain

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

The urge to complete a book on adventures in Australia prompted me to get up at four this morning to find the travel book Jerry had given me when I mentioned the idea some time past. I have a list of references on the continent but I was unable to find his contribution. Did I only imagine he had done so? Must have because I cannot find it among the stuff I have. And so far I searched the boxes under my bed and in the computer room. When I have dressed more for outdoors I will search the tin shed.

Concave x-acto

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Awoke to a windy day and wrapped in my cuddly chenille robe I sat in my sun room to watch the golden leaves dance in the gusty air. A squirrel dug where it had previously planted a walnut but only to check it out, pat it again and then drink from the red flower bowl before scooting away on other business. My butterfly balloon spun crazily and bent the pieces out of order. I will try to reshape it when the wind slows down, or changes direction. The basswood chunk and the concave x-acto knife were handy and I continued to carve the cat head I began some time past. Finally had to give my hand a rest so I treated my self to the chocolate pudding I made last night. I am excited about going to visit Dan. We made arrangements for Nancy to get me to SeaTac where I would catch a flight to LAX. I will take my PC and when I buy a new one I hope Dan will transfer my stuff over. My screen fades in and out and rather than replace the screen I will get a new PC. I think I bought my present PC five years ago and it is about time to get a new one. Which has nothing to do with my carving but just another note on the life and times of this gal working to get younger next year. Running in place isn’t exactly the exercise recommended in the book but after a couple of minutes my heart rate goes up substantially. The book’s author is just reaching the wondrous age of eighty five but since I am that and going strong I will concentrate harder on maintaining the momentum. It’s either that or rot. There’s no choice but to go forward because standing still invites mold.

Rain water

Monday, October 15th, 2012

I watered my shrubs, especially the laurels, after dark when Nancy brought me home. It was already raining lightly but never enough to sink into the soil around my house. She left very early Saturday morning having been away from Bellingham too long. I did not go to the Freethought meeting on Sunday – just didn’t feel like getting dressed to meet the public. Yvonne left a cute scaregal among the ferns in the back yard and she is waterproof but after last night’s rain her sunrays are droopy. I thought I should put her inside safe from the weather but her outfit, even her eyebrows are waterproof. When I plan to be gone longer I will put her inside to prevent few hard winds from sending her away on an adventure. Cecil brought me a spotted owl candle – a late birthday present. Too cute to light the wick. Didn’t want to spoil the image by melting the candle. It doesn’t heat the air,  just warms my heart. I am so happy to be home that for a while I simply sat in my sunroom and looked out upon by trees and shrubs in the backyard.