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Wet Grass

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Chairs and grass and palm trees are very wet making sun bathing a cool proposition, even if the sun was shining, which it is not. And probably won’t be. Nor is it above freezing in Richland.  A posting from West Richland showed icicles on the wire fences – long icicles that took some time to form from drips. Too wet and chilly to be outside in Oxnard as it will be in Richland. But OK. Home is home be it whatever it is. This is winter with short dull days and long dark nights and then the holidays and days grow longer.

Rain Over?

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Back again in Oxnard and the rain has gone. I can see clearly now! Cleopatra was quite a gal. And the films have made her more a celebrity than in real life. The day’s excitement made me short of breath. Don’t understand where my aches came from. Slow down and rest. I will stay right here for a few days with Dan and Deb.  Nancy and Jerry are taking care of my bills and Yvonne will take care of my plants so I really can rest now. I practice on my touch screen on my new PC. Scary cuz I run my thumb over the pad and change the entire perspective. I may have the touch feature turned off and stop the frustration. No. No, this old dog will simply have to learn new tricks. A lot of years ahead to use them. IF the clouds do not drip tomorrow maybe I will get to sun bathe. Dan was happy that I brought rain so maybe I will do it up right and wet stuff down properly before I turn it off. Anyway it is nice to be here and am enjoying my kids but I promise I will go home before hard winter sets in. Want to see my dragon lounging in my yard. See me on Facebook holding up the shuttle. Deb helped.

Misson Endeavour

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

November seventeenth I went to the Endeavour space shuttle display in Los Angeles, actually walked around it with Dan and Deb. How impressive! Saw a film about the shuttle history and a time line of the missions. Many people also were as curious and impressed. The crowd moved around to the various stations to hear the information over special walkie talkies and read the text as well. There was a display about Egyptians, their habits of making special rooms to house the esophagus of the rulers, mostly queens. Cleopatra was filmed by different movie Hollywood producers in different years. The various movies made about the Queen, Cleopatra, and her life and loves were as varied as the producers and the times in which they lived. Each was a triumph of its time.

Rain today?

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

The ground is dry and rain will be welcome. There are clouds and I hope they will drop water before long. When someone went past my window earlier I imagined the rumble of thunder, but alas! that was not to be. It was only the noise of the trash bin being hauled to the curb. Today is pickup I suspect. The temperature is not what I looked forward to experiencing in California. I had toast and cream cheese for breakfast. And coffee, sugar and creamer. Couldn’t decide between V8 and orange juice so I had both. Air is chilly enough for my jacket at least over my shoulders. I bought several books about Hobbits and their middle earth story for my library and since it is not a day to lounge outdoors I will read about the Bagginess. When the sun comes out so will I – go out that is.

Once a sun

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

The towel kept the cut grass from sticking me so I enjoyed the early morning sun. Temperature was over seventy degrees but clouds invaded and I came in to warm? up. I had ordered bright sunny weather but trolls or some other tricksters came in to thwart my desires. I know the sun will come to take its rightful place soon. Wait with patience. Meanwhile I can read a romance among royalty from Deb’s library of good stuff. This one called “Duchess by Night” I began to read after I had coffee. I had better have lunch and then go from there. Sun or not.

Ashton Shops

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

A basket of yarn, needles and other tidbits filled Ashton’s cart when we went shopping today. She has a number of projects to work on, when she will get them done is a mystery to me, but my money is on her because I know she will do them, one at a time, and do them well. I will enjoy sitting by and watching. I do little but read. Did get some words added to my Australian story and want to begin something new. As I said before, Dan is in Vermont but I forgot to ask when he will be back. We, Ashton, Deb and I, all watched “Titanic” the movie, the past several hours. I plan to crawl into bed and warm up. I can’t get into my new PC. Dan will figure that out for me. Meanwhile I read a hot paperback romance and will find another.

I Take It Back

Friday, November 9th, 2012

The sun is shining. And from what I can see from my window the sky is quite clear. Therefore the shine will be visible and maybe even a tan in my day. Hooray! I had the window open all night and needed the blanket and quilt. My bed has flannel sheets, warm and cuddly. Dan is up and I bet there is fresh coffee for the pouring. Get to the kitchen and live! And a little later I will reaquaint my self with the California Sun.

Sunshine, HUH!

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Maybe later. Now rain is raining and the sky is much overcast as if to continue. Tough! I am in California, rain or shine. I didn’t think there was anything but sun here. I will stay a while and make it reappear. Nothing around here that so much as looks like an umbrella. But there is water. Debbie’s cat marks its territory with hers in the middle of my bed, no less! Why not? I’ve been peed on by a white tiger and run down by a zebra. Well I will do a dance in my new orange sun suit and chase the rain away.

Take Note

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

My computer and me flew from SeaTac to LAX today on Southwest Air. Nancy left me in Seattle and here I am in California. Well it is 10:30 pm and I witnessed a brilliant sunset and will await morning for a fuller view of sky and sun. But I am in California. Debbie met me at the airport and an hour later I arrived in Oxnard. I did not sleep at any time during the trip so I expect to make up for that in the next six to ten or maybe twelve hours. A team of Lutheran volley ball girls filled the flight with their giggling expectations of the their meet in the city tomorrow. They won in their local contest and went on to win the district now on their way to compete with winners from other districts in the state. For me I will blog a short note from Dan and Deb’s home and see how much I can catch up on sleep. What a term : catch up. My eyelids indicate the need to close and perhaps catching up is not possible I certainly can sleep, whether these night hours count as catch up doesn’t matter.  Sleep is sleep and welcome.

The Right Man

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Election returns showed that Barack Obama won the right to a second term as our president. Wonderful. Although I didn’t doubt it, I was happy to see the results were more than a token win. Nancy sat at the computer moving the screen from one website to another to check how the results were tabulated. She was so excited, she bounced and radiated the pleasure which the results were showing. The Senate also gained seats and the House as well so the future looks better than it would have otherwise. OK so now we can go forward with the confidence Americans worked to achieve.