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Walk or Not

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Nancy, Jerry and I went to walk in the Bellis Fair mall this morning before the stores opened. Apparently the community takes advantage of a rain-less area because there were serious walkers – some fast, some slow, strolling past the closed shops. I was not one of the serious ones, neither fast nor slow. I enjoy gazing at the displays all of which featured slim attractive manikins, that brought on my whimsical dreamy look. Alas, I haven’t been that slim for decades and never will be again. That’s OK. The walking is good – No, actually the walking is critical – for my old joints that I plan to use for many a year. Good for my muscles also. The statement: “Use it or lose it” is  a truism. To relax is to give up which I will not. Indoor walking is easier on my feet as well, No irregularity in the path that may twist an ankle. I am trying too hard to justify my actions but I shouldn’t be. The weather in Bellingham and in Richland is such that to be inside makes good sense. And moving my body means walking. Well I could run, then again, maybe not – absolutely not!

Dated Coins

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

My coin and stamp collections are still in Richland but Jerry and I were looking at coins on the Internet and now I am more anxious than ever to take a closer look at my collections, especially the coins. None I have are rare and valuable but will be interesting to study more closely nevertheless. Excessive wear cuts down a coin’s value. Sharp detail is critical and edges as well as ridges of the head features are measured for depth of detail. Fun stuff this coin collecting. Stamps are somewhat different. I am trying to get a stamp collection beginning with the first numbered by the US Postal System. I have an official book that shows each stamp in sequence and I will place mine in the correct sequence. For that I need sheets in which I can place each stamp in the correct numbered position. I expect to bring my stamps to Bellingham in the next few weeks and put them in the proper order. There are probably other collections or at least other stuff that I have forgotten so Nancy will help list them also. As usual, there are more things I need to do than I have hours in which to do them.  Will keep me busy for some time to come. But all that will happen when the property in Richland is sold and my life settles down. Coins might be the most valuable but will likely be the last to be reconciled.  And all will await road conditions that allow safe travel over hill and dale to my long time homestead. Meanwhile I can clean up used stamps that have been piling up and be better prepared to put them in order when the means presents itself.

Flight toward home

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Today, January 28, 2013, I fly from LAX to Bellingham, and Nancy will drive us to Richland. There we will catalog my items so I know exactly what I have. I will decide what will not be for sale and what I will discard or otherwise dispose of. My lot will be put up for sale so I must have the items listed and their location as well. At this time I am not altogether certain exactly how much that entails. I have several collections, stamps, coins, and miscellaneous items that are not for sale. Some items such as my lounging suit and slippers I will leave to use whenever I come back to visit Dan and Deb. I have yet to pack but that will not take very long. I will only carry my hard suit case and computer bag. Debbie and Ashton will take me to LAX and from there I am homeward bound.

Rain bathin’

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Not at 50 degrees in January, thank you. Running in summer rain was a great way to get a shower when we were kids and we did. Rain bathing was more fun than dunking in the rain barrel. You would think that California would be ideal for rain fun, but think again because I shiver just to think of stepping out in that wet grass, raindrops falling all around. Come April, maybe. Rain is forecast at seventy percent for this week and what that means here and now is reading time. Debbie has many books I love to read. Read bathing time, it is. Damn the torpedoes – it it full speed ahead – read, read, and read some more!

Wet Rain

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Rain falls again today in Oxnard, California, and it is a cold rain, wet of course. However, inside the air is dry and warm. Debbie says the pantry is getting bare so we may get slim if we don’t brave the weather to get groceries.  I didn’t plan to slim down nor do I think it is as simple as that. So far we haven’t lacked vittles. And although the choices will become limited the outcome does not look dire. I think it is quite nice to watch the rain drops make concentric circles in the puddles. Geometric designs. I could sit and watch the circles widen and disappear into the outer edges. What a life!

Alert camera

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Video camera activated. Quite chilly for a walkabout to record the flowers on the trees that line the boulevard. Magnolias, no less. Have not visited this area before to catch those magnificent flowers wide open. I had thought they were a fragrant blossom but not so I catch the scent from the street.  Sometimes when I’m handed the moon, I reach for the stars.  I will go out later and smell once more. I think I had better change the adverb or some modifier to more clearly indicate my meaning. The least I can do is make it come out right – my meaning, that is. Oh well isn’t it enough to have the technology? Learn to make use of it and enjoy!

Waffles and Family

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Off to meet Alex and Beth for breakfast after a shower and coffee. We met at a cafe I could not name but we had a very good visit. Ashton and Ryan also came so it was a family affair. I had a waffle – a very tough waffle – must have lingered under a heat lamp for some time. The syrup and butter passed muster and, of course, milk  – like I never leave home without it! After eating, Deb and I walked in the wind to a shoe store (or two) and I got a pair of sandles (you know a few thin straps with low heels) so I could show off my red toenails.The color matches my fingernails. Now I am coordinated. At home in Oxnard the sun is warm and I bask in it until I feel too wind blown, come inside and tell all to my PC. What a patient critter she is! But then how nice would be an iced drink. Diet Pepsi abounds in cases. What the heck! Have one. Cool Down. Cool Off. Fizzle and bubble the carbs away. Then a refreshing nap!


Waste Water Out

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Dan and Deb bought a sink. They are replacing their white one with a black one. Still a large single sink similar to the one Dan is now removing. Their kitchen is larger and very different from mine but a black appliance is a big change for them. They use their dishwasher daily which is fine. They have enough dishes to warrant it but since I do not, I rarely use my dishwasher. Takes only several minutes for me to run hot water, wash, rinse and put the dishes on a drying rack. They also have a waste disposal which grinds up vegetable matter and also sends it to the city sewer, nice easy solution. We just cleared the table after a wonderful meal of ribs, mashed potatoes, gravy, canned corn, Hawaiian sweet rolls, butter, and applesauce. I drink milk with my meals. Dan and Deb Pepsi. So great to eat well.  Maybe not since I eat until I am stuffed. That means I will need new clothes. Somehow mine keep shrinking and I just have to discard them for new. My meals will have to be smaller when I return to Richland, if I do. Nancy and Jerry think I should relocate to Bellingham. Probably I will someday but not yet. Certainly not until my house is sold and some other details are addressed. Bottom line: I do not really want to leave Richland at all, even if waste water has no choice.

Label Removed

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

The label on the instep of my right shoe wasn’t particularly annoying but it did nothing to enhance the beauty of the shoe and certainly did not enhance the beauty of my foot! How much more beautiful can a foot be? I put my name under the instep of both shoes so there is no doubt as to whom the shoe belong. My colorful toes show beyond the elastic bands that hold the shoe in place. Very nice shoes. Nice feet, too. Need to break in the edge of the bands. Only walking will do that. Danny removed the label on the right foot instep only.  And I am good to go. So far no immediate destination but I will be going somewhere all the time. The weather in Oxnard is 70 F and will get warmer as the week grows older. Great to be in sunny California! The label wouldn’t have spoiled it but it removed, I am squeaky clean!

Readin’ writin’

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Reading is important to anyone who wants to write. The habit strengthens a writer’s vocabulary and the ability to express more accurately an idea when  she/he has one to express. This is more important than it seems at first but there are some words that could too often be taken in different ways and may be opposite of what the author intended. A reader’s emotions enter in and it is necessary for an author to be explicit to assure the correct idea is put forth.