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March Lion Stalks In

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

I am packing a few things in a small case to leave for Richland early tomorrow. Nancy is driving and wants to return the same day. Not an easy drive but determination is everything. I want to get personal stuff out of the way so perspective buyers can be shown the property. And I want to arrange for hauling unnecessary items away so yard workers can clean the front and back yards. A lock box has been installed on the porch so realtors can get in for showing. The place must be clean and empty. Well the decision has been made and listed with Agent Michael at Century 21.  Sadly out I will go. Can be reached at <> whether I am at Nancy’s or any of the boys – most likely often with Dan in California within a six foot cedar fence and warm temperatures where weather encourages sun bathing, an event that never happens here on Iowa Drive, ever.

Tiresome Riding

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Nancy drove me here to Bellingham with a few boxes of personal stuff I didn’t think I could live without. We will see. I am not particularly tickled to have to leave Richland but that is what is to be. Nancy had been at 407 Abbot for several days to sort and make decisions about selling my property. We cleaned up the house and contacted someone to clean up the yard.  I put the matter in the hands of a Century 21 agent, which translates to worldwide. I did not want an open house and the agent, Michael, agreed. I had the moss removed from the roof and met with my Drinking Liberally friends to inform them of my escaping to Bellingham with Nancy. I did tire from the many hours of riding to get here, but here I am. Michael will keep in touch with information about how many inquiries he gets from the flyers he put at my curb to judge what else will be needed. I will keep Nancy and my boys informed as to the progress of a listing and future sale. For relaxation I will play games on my PC but probably not long because my eyes are as tired as the other parts of my body. The bed looks very inviting. I might read in bed until my hands relax and the book falls on my face.

Too Much

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Would you believe there is such a thing as too much rest? I think there is. The more I rest the lazier I get and that is not good. Exercise is most necessary to keep the blood moving through my veins (and capillaries, too). The blood will be forced around by a regular heartbeat but what the body needs is a hard workout for fifteen minutes at least and on a daily basis. That’s what all the health nuts insist. And their attitude is upbeat. Makes a body want to get right up and jog along. Well that’s what my brain urges my body to do. It takes a strong brain urge to make it happen. I am lucky when it does. Luckier still to have friends, relatives and absolute strangers nudge me forward with enough gusto so I really do get up and go. No way can I plead sore legs, sore arms, and sore attitude to get my way. So up and at ’em, Lady, and show what you can do. I could foolishly overdo but at the point I am in exercise routine there is very little danger that I will do too much too soon.

Socks Warmed Feet

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

My body is considerably more comfortable when my feet are warm and other things help also. I found a pair of almost all-wool socks that are a bit tight on the ankles but are comfy warm – so on I put them. That worked. Even a dish of ice cream did not cool the body although a delicious hamburger factored in there. All good and settled in my waistline. The sun brightens the day but through a solid cloud cover. This is Bellingham so clouds are in order. Luckily rain won’t come until tomorrow. Or some day farther on. My sweater is warm as are corduroy slacks, and slippers. Nothing now but wait for supper.


Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Do not limit you expressions of love to your favorite persons. Send or give them love often – not just when the calendar or greeting card companies remind you. Can it be true love if you need reminding? Do it now and often – tell your lover of your love, in person or with written words. Colorful cards are pretty but not essential. The message is what is important. Do it now!

Line ’em Up

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

To emphasize my political leaning, I lined up donkeys on my windowsill. That animal is not the most amiable in any congregation of creatures that walk on four feet but it makes a statement of determination and steadfastness. It symbolizes the Democratic Party. Republicans are more like elephants, never forget. I do believe they have already forgotten what it was they would never forget. Democrats are not simply stamped replicas – each one thinks for her/him self – and stubbornly so. The Party line is not hard and fast which leads to disagreements among its members that insists each one should stop and think of what in general the party stands for. Quite a necessary consideration from time to time. I am a Democrat and will stand the donkey up in contrast to the emblem of the opposite Party.

Supply Pants

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Downtown I went and bought new pants. Two pair that coordinate with the blouses and sweaters I already have hanging in Nancy’s closet. Eventually I will get at least one more pair to wear in the coolish weather here in Bellingham. Shorts are closeted in warmer, dryer, sunnier, California, where I will be heading in the next week or two. However there is stuff to be done in Richland before putting my house on the market. All my kids will have to help do some part of that or at least put in their opinions and suggestions because it is their legacy. Now with a new wardrobe, where ever I go I will be in style, as if that was ever my concern. Fat lady stores call the situation, mature, but fat is fat and old is old and I will go in my new pants where ever I wish to go.

Price Lunch

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Nancy announced I had ten minutes to get ready for lunch. Jerry was seated in the car well ahead of that. But OK, I changed into corduroy pants in record time. Nobody can accuse me of holding up the lunch line. We started out at 11:30 and drove and drove and drove. The Price family settle on a meeting place a week in advance and so we met seven other Prices, real or paper related at Hilltop, I think it was. I still taste the hash browns, Yum. Back at the ranch, Nancy had the pattern set up for curtains for my room. Still have a bit of material to purchase before they will be finished. But a lot of the fun is in the making. I got chilled at the restaurant so put on the electric blanket to let the warm settle in before I do. I have time to play before bed time. It will be difficult to stay awake I think. My tummy is so well satisfied I might just crawl in and call it a night sooner than later.


Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Nancy decided Naomi should have a dresser in which to stash her undies, among other stuff, and so we bought one. Alas, the piece of furniture was in fourteen pieces. A handy dandy guide to assemble was included. The lucky thing was that a handy dandy assembler  happened to stroll by. He was shanghaied to do the deed. And indeed he did. Naomi can now stash her undies in a  new dresser, out of sight and dust. How lucky can she get? Luck runs in her blood, you see, and is everybody happy? Well I should say!

Sweater Weather

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Comfy warm and snug that’s what and stylish as well now that I have seven new sweaters. Long and short sleeved, Cotton, silk and rayon. My socks are thick and wooly so my tootsies will be snug, as well. I really will have to get some colorful slacks or I will make a pitiful fashion statement. That’s the state of my state and I am walking straight and tall, so there!