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All showered and dressed for a trip to Richland. Steve, Debbie’s brother is going to pick up my furniture today. The house must be empty of “stuff” as it is on the market to be snatched up (I hope) for someone who wants to live in Richland. I would also but that is out of the question. I relocated to Bellingham and will check to be sure I have packed those things I want to keep. Friends I cannot pack and bring with. Oh I will make new friends but they will never replace those I associated for many years. There is a different climate to adjust to and I can always stay indoors. But first things first and I put the property in the hands of an agent who is checking the interested persons. When a party is found with the money I will sign it away. Although my “home” base will be Bellingham, I will visit other kids in Oregon, and California., maybe a side trip to¬† other folks in Minnesota. My siblings are long gone but some left offspring that I might visit as well as as cousins on my Mother’s side of the family. I will not drive to see them as I once did but Danny offered his frequent flyer miles and I ought to take advantage of those while I can still stand on my own two feet (at least long enough to walk to a wheel chair).

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