Visited Thomas

Home again in Bellingham at 11 pm after visiting Thomas, Morgan, and Avery. We were invited to see Morgan’s high school play and it was fun to see. The kids did a really fine job and I enjoyed it very much. Everett is about an hour away but Nancy had a cup of Tom’s coffee (strong) and so did I and we are quite wakeful. I found an old unfinished manuscript and plan to complete the book. The text was on an old computer no longer in service so it has to be re-entered, that is, retyped. No scanner available to do the job. I can therefore do a final edit while typing it. Maybe a serious edit although as I  read it I must say it is a very good story and has a first edit by Nancy which will probably suffice for the time being. I cannot promise that I will not edit again before publication. We will see. I am wide awake with hiccups and will work until I can no longer see the page. Certainly sleep in tomorrow.


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