Familiar feathers

English sparrows are ubiquitous. Debbie came back from the gym and her workout in time to spell the tough word for me. But it is the sparrows that are all around here. I see one going under a tile on the neighboring house with a feather and piece of straw so I assume there is a nest in the making. I will check up on Google or somewhere to find out how many are laid before incubating will begin. However many incubated each time there are only a few in the yard at any one time. Crows now and again fly across the back yard and maybe they intimidate the sparrows and if so it is only briefly. I would expect that if a sparrow was comatose for long a cat would find a feast very quickly. No wonder there are so few sparrows. I remember birds that stunned themselves by flying into my window but would recover after a few minutes. Those that did not, apparently suffered a broken neck and died immediately. Even in the human world the broken neck meant a spinal cord injury and the result was paralysis. Modern medicine has yet to find a way to repair that problem.

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