Movie Night

Just watched a movie about boot manufacturing. The title is lost to me but it was enjoyable hours well spent. I fixed my spinach with sunflower seeds, ham, and I forget what else under ranch dressing. Debbie won’t eat spinach so I have that all to myself. We walked the dog around the block this morning but the only walking I did after dinner was trailing Debbie in the grocery store for vittles the next few days. She is helpful about not putting carbs before me and that is good. Nancy alerted her about my pills so Deb has those at my fingertips with cranberry juiceĀ  and a bowl for oatmeal, cinnamon, and milk. I’ve been without coffee and feel none the worse for it. My computer is set up in my room, which was Alex’s and I sleep with the window open to cool fresh air. I sat in the sun and creepy flies kept me from napping. I have to renew my Oxnard bird list, so far is Starlings, crows, and English sparrows. I think I heard a mockingbird on my walk but it is difficult for me to tell because it sings every bird song it has ever heard and I look around to see if I am missing the real things. Ten thirty and into bed with me is a book from Debbie’s collection.

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