Turn the toast over

To tan properly one must turn each side sunward and that is very comforting to do. My skin turns red as well as gets hot even when the sun begins to slant toward the horizon. My vitamin D level is up and that’s OK, (I think) anyway that is what it is. The air chilled quickly and I put on a tee. I do not want to catch a cold in warm sunny California – Or any where else for that matter. I seek refuge in my computer and hope Ashton will make supper for me. We decided to graze so we will come up with surprises – well not really – but we can combine unusual veggies or maybe meats and have a supurb meal. (spell that for me) No I mean spell suprub not that. A dictionary would be helpful. Or some other clever English collection of useful words. But that is off the subject. I want an all over tan now that I am here in sunny California and it appears I will have to work attentively to find one.

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