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Birds, oh yes

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

From a patio in California I see birds going about their business. Actually all I see are birds perching on the roof tops nearby or flying from or to somewhere. Pigeons move from one roof to another, mostly in small flocks. Starlings erupt in small bunches not landing at all to flit beyond my vision. Crows flap lazily over head occasionally stopping to perch and push out a ca-a caw that appears to be a terrible effort by the look of its ruffled feathers. Gulls fly overhead watching the flow of traffic ready to report accidents and suggest alternate routes. English sparrows peek out from their compound in the round tiles on nearby roofs.


These species I watch: pigeon, starling, crow, gull, sparrow – are consistent, adjusted to the presence of humans. I see no food source but birds must eat, and often, so a cache is around somewhere beyond my sight. None of these birds are meat eaters and will not attack live animals nor one another. Pigeons hunt and pick seeds on the ground. Starlings go from tree to tree, perch on branches and devour all vegetable matter matured in season. Crows and gulls come down and greedily clean up scattered fast foods. Sparrows twitter among pedestrians and are delighted with every crumb. Everybody happy? Well I should say!