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Where Oh Where

Friday, February 5th, 2010

What a change from sunbathing weather. Where has the sun gone? Beyond the clouds. I am not surprised. Rain is falling just as predicted. Forecast insists rain will continue for another day. Rainfall in Oxnard is consistent and deliberate. The dog pulls in his ears and visits the grass because if he does his thing on the carpet his nose gets rubbed in the wet. So out he goes. I have the option of sitting by the window to watch the raindrops. So many more than I usually see at home in Richland. That fact doesn’t make for excitement but I will not sit outside with my coffee this morning. Nor with my bean soup at noon. Probably not with whatever goes on the table for dinner either. But I have good company for conversation, and many books for diversion. Not to mention this close companion, my laptop computer.

Gentle drops

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The clouds decided to release bits of water, thus the gentle rain that seems like no rain at all – just a mist. The drought conditions of the past years warrants rainfall every day to catch up. I promised to bring sunshine so it must be at least for a day or two so I can sunbathe in my new tees and shorts. On the patio the direct sunshine feels warmer than the thermometer registers the temperature but coming from the colder north I can handle it. Goosepimples add to the skin surface so does that mean I will get more tan per inch? Hope so.

Three Levels

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Clouds drift at the whim of the turning earth
while over, through, and around the crystals
an airplane drones on its appointed route.
In southern California

Gulls soar in the sky
crows flap close by
sparrows zoom past my eye.
In southern California

An ambulance wails its siren
making haste to emergency
to save someone from pain.
In southern California

A big dog howls its sympathy
and not to be outdone
every dog adds its voice.
In southern California

I squint at my laptop screen
think, wonder, contemplating
what else might be seen.
In southern California

The temperature could rise a bit
bring me absorbing sun rays
but not through oncoming clouds.
In southern California

The gas barbecue is heating
hamburgers we’ll soon be eating
starvation now defeating.
In southern California

What pleasures on this patio
dog, son, and family
indulge in carnal tissue.
In southern California

Now hear this

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Ears come to my attentions more these days because with buzz hair cuts on men and pony tails on women, ears are in the open and more visible. The bell shape is visible from the front. A trumpet for guiding noise. I thought that was why humans have them. Scientists have shown something entirely different. The outer appendage we call our ear has very little to do with our hearing. The blob of skin on the sides of our heads is a hold over that evolution simply left there. Does evolution ever undo something useless? No. Evolution simply marches on over and around whatever was brought forth.

However ears are very critical to our four legged relatives. Predators must hear their dinner. Prey must hear their stalkers. Really a matter of life or death. Well ears are quite important to people also. For conversation. That is if a speaker wants to have attentive listeners. And especially if the listeners want to hear what is spoken. So I will not discount the importance of ears.

But do you know that the blob of skin varies more from one individual to another than do noses? At least I think they do. Sitting behind short hairdos makes ear-study one of scientific revelations. What a variety of variations! The two ears on one individual can vary making it impossible to identify a person if you have only the ears. Good thing that part is not used in mug shots. Maybe that’s the reason mug shots require a profile shot. Interesting. Many so called scientific studies claim such generalities as a certain type of earlobe indicates impending heart attacks. Does piercing prevent plaque buildup in arteries? I think not. The reason ears are pierced is because they are a perfect place on which to hang ornaments.