Walk the library

March 23rd, 2013

Cold days should not put off my walk but outdoors they will. I will do my walking in the library, up and down the stacks to find something that particularly interests me. I want a book of US postage stamps so I can put my collection in order. But I also want to find books that will take me off into never never land, places I might want to visit, places I think of where adventure reigns and/or action excites me off my butt to go exploring. Especially where I have never been. Lake Baikal in Siberia appears to beckon me. It is an unusual lake, holding so it claims much of the fresh water on the planet. Wow, that I should see. The lake is already renown as a tourist destination so why not me? And the library holds all the background information I need to prepare me for a visit to the real thing.

Frost on the Pumpkin?

March 20th, 2013

Indeed there is frost this morning. Jerry scraped off his windshield while the motor warmed up. A clear vision is needed to drive these streets, or any streets for that matter. The temperature will warm as the sun rises (I hope) but I can stay warm and cozy in my room and look out at the cars going by with their drivers huddled into their coats to go reluctantly to a predetermined goal. At least none look thrilled at the prospect but then I cannot see their expressions and I could be wrong. They certainly appear to be getting ready to face their day with shoulders squared. Maybe they are resigned to their fate and maybe they are fixing a plan with which to solve the problems that will no doubt arise in the course of their day. Rain fell later and washed all evidence of frost away. The temperature doesn’t get above 55 F and that is not warm. This is March and as days lengthen they will also warm.

Jays nest

March 16th, 2013

Sure sign of spring is nest building. I watched a pair of Stellar jays carry twigs to a crotch in the tree as they cooperated in making a home of sorts. Birds have various habits when it comes to preparing to raise young and jays are no exception. At the moment I watched they were obsessed with getting as many peanuts into their beaks as possible to prevent squirrels from stealing them to eat. Of all things ! Eating on the spot seemed to be the farthest idea from their minds because once a peanut was in their beak they pushed it farther back in their gullet and went for another. I couldn’t tell where they had a pantry but I thought that they had some idea of storage so they would eat in the future. Difficult to believe they have such a concept of planning but that is what it appears to be although those who rely on Jerry’s habit of throwing nuts out on the deck come back frequently to check for more. Birds know their hatchlings cannot eat nuts therefore they capture insects and place them in the little beggars upturned beaks. And nature led them long past in evolution to have families when the proper food was plentiful.

Visit Different Beach

March 15th, 2013

Jerry wanted me to see a different beach from those we had walked on in the past. A long drive along the coast and the road took us down to Bellingham Bay a Beach where I had never been before that I can remember anyway. Down I went to the stoney slope and noticed moss of several different colors of green. Even without the sunshine the colors were vibrant and I recalled a children’s book where a Frenchman was much in awe of the great variety of shades he had no names for. Green is my favorite color and I enjoyed the variety there was in the backwater of the tide which appeared to be going out. Our family had a reunion on an Oregon beach and I never tired of walking along to talk to the gulls that found tidbits to savor between the stones rounded after years of being rolled by the tides. Nancy made dinner and shortly after reported that the rain that sprinkled us on the beach walk was now pouring down. Well I am inside and dry so let it rain rain rain. One day we will go back to Bellingham Bay Beach and find out what the round little stones look like when dry.


March 15th, 2013

For the perfect beef stew one must add carrots and since Nancy had none on hand but shredded ones, off we went to the grocery store and bought some – plenty for stew and whatever else held our fancy. They must be cooked for me ‘cuz my chewing teeth are not aligned. Not to mention that I would rather use my energy for other stuff. The walk in the store was quite short so Nancy took off for a fast walk around the park or through the park, I’m not sure which. My eyes focus slowly and I get dizzy if I do not linger on an object for a few moments. For now I will look over the books and albums and decide whether I can make better use of the space if I do some rearranging. Does that put my mind to stewing , or what?

Set My Chair

March 12th, 2013

My permanent chair is set beneath a window facing northeast, I believe. Light comes in early which suites me fine. I wake with the sun – well I awake early if the sun is up or not. That’s a lifelong habit, ingrained as it were from such an early age I have no memory of it.  I suppose calling my setting a permanent chair is not entirely accurate because although I may sit here very many hours it is possible that someone will come and put a different chair in this place, or move the computer somewhere else. The point being that my computer is on a table which my husband built for Nancy, our only daughter, and the table is against the wall under the aforementioned window. This is a pleasant place to sit although I could wish for a more exciting view than treetops. Various birds flit around long enough for me to identify the species, I do like birdwatching after all. Such activity is more pleasant inside looking out than walking outside in the rain which doesn’t deter birds at all. Good thing that I want to stand and stretch once in a while. That often gives me the opportunity to watch cars go by. Obviously many folks have places to go and luckily most have covered wheels on which to get there. I have no wheels to go but the fact is I really have no better place to be than here. Sometimes I get up to stretch or to attend to other personal habits, especially to eat. A drink now and again is also welcome. I try to finish a paragraph so as not to leave readers hanging on an unfinished thought. Now that I have the chair warmed up I can’t think of any more to write. I will ponder other choices while I go for a sweater to warm up the top half.

Stamping More

March 11th, 2013

Many famous people, so I’m told, are serious stamp collectors and spend hours arranging their acquisitions or rearranging them or just appreciating the planning and art and history that went into each design. Imagine telling a story on a piece of paper one inch by one and one half inch. Not a simple job I tell you. The results, once a stamp design is approved by the required hierarchy, are etched into a plate for engraving which will be used repeatedly for as long as the stamp is used. Go to the US Postal website and get the full details. The last time I looked at that website, the government was appealing for new ideas to engrave. There are experienced men and women who submit their ideas in hopes of attaining everlasting fame as designers of US Postal stamps.  Each stamp is numbered in sequence as it is accepted and I have numbers from 900 through 3000.  I find beautiful and interesting ones from foreign countries as well as the USA.

Straw Bale Library

March 3rd, 2013

Construction of a library flowed into my mind today when I contemplated borrowing books for my own personal reading pleasure. Years ago I served on a building committee to design and develop a city library. There were restrictions as to space available and finding another location was totally out of the question. In an agricultural area one could observe bales of straw on a field after a machine went through and stripped off the grain. It followed that the wise city council of Mattawa in the middle of a prime farming area of Washington state did some research and decided to build their library with those bales. Google to see the results. Or if you happen to be in the vicinity go and experience how the unusual became practical and a source of community pride.

March Lion Stalks In

February 28th, 2013

I am packing a few things in a small case to leave for Richland early tomorrow. Nancy is driving and wants to return the same day. Not an easy drive but determination is everything. I want to get personal stuff out of the way so perspective buyers can be shown the property. And I want to arrange for hauling unnecessary items away so yard workers can clean the front and back yards. A lock box has been installed on the porch so realtors can get in for showing. The place must be clean and empty. Well the decision has been made and listed with Agent Michael at Century 21.  Sadly out I will go. Can be reached at <naomi@sherer.org> whether I am at Nancy’s or any of the boys – most likely often with Dan in California within a six foot cedar fence and warm temperatures where weather encourages sun bathing, an event that never happens here on Iowa Drive, ever.

Tiresome Riding

February 27th, 2013

Nancy drove me here to Bellingham with a few boxes of personal stuff I didn’t think I could live without. We will see. I am not particularly tickled to have to leave Richland but that is what is to be. Nancy had been at 407 Abbot for several days to sort and make decisions about selling my property. We cleaned up the house and contacted someone to clean up the yard.  I put the matter in the hands of a Century 21 agent, which translates to worldwide. I did not want an open house and the agent, Michael, agreed. I had the moss removed from the roof and met with my Drinking Liberally friends to inform them of my escaping to Bellingham with Nancy. I did tire from the many hours of riding to get here, but here I am. Michael will keep in touch with information about how many inquiries he gets from the flyers he put at my curb to judge what else will be needed. I will keep Nancy and my boys informed as to the progress of a listing and future sale. For relaxation I will play games on my PC but probably not long because my eyes are as tired as the other parts of my body. The bed looks very inviting. I might read in bed until my hands relax and the book falls on my face.