Dipped In Salt

September 29th, 2013

A dip in the salt water of the Pacific at Lincoln City was the highlight of my day. The tide was coming in with an edge of brown foam and I went to meet it in borrowed shorts and tee. Success! I was bowled over by the breaker but what the heck! A hot shower warmed me just fine.

May 14th, 2013

Cool and sunny in southern California this morning. Promise of warmer sun as the day ages. I am reading THE HOBBIT again. I love the story and can read it again and again. On to the adventures Frodo cannot avoid as the ringbearer which is his destination and with the unexpected help (or interference) of Gollum the offensive ring is dropped into the caldron and evil is at last destroyed. So Bilbo’s story “Of there and back again” ends with old Bilbo walking onto the westerly sailing ships with the fairies.

Tannish, sort of

May 1st, 2013

Turn the toast over

April 27th, 2013

To tan properly one must turn each side sunward and that is very comforting to do. My skin turns red as well as gets hot even when the sun begins to slant toward the horizon. My vitamin D level is up and that’s OK, (I think) anyway that is what it is. The air chilled quickly and I put on a tee. I do not want to catch a cold in warm sunny California – Or any where else for that matter. I seek refuge in my computer and hope Ashton will make supper for me. We decided to graze so we will come up with surprises – well not really – but we can combine unusual veggies or maybe meats and have a supurb meal. (spell that for me) No I mean spell suprub not that. A dictionary would be helpful. Or some other clever English collection of useful words. But that is off the subject. I want an all over tan now that I am here in sunny California and it appears I will have to work attentively to find one.

Movie Night

April 24th, 2013

Just watched a movie about boot manufacturing. The title is lost to me but it was enjoyable hours well spent. I fixed my spinach with sunflower seeds, ham, and I forget what else under ranch dressing. Debbie won’t eat spinach so I have that all to myself. We walked the dog around the block this morning but the only walking I did after dinner was trailing Debbie in the grocery store for vittles the next few days. She is helpful about not putting carbs before me and that is good. Nancy alerted her about my pills so Deb has those at my fingertips with cranberry juice  and a bowl for oatmeal, cinnamon, and milk. I’ve been without coffee and feel none the worse for it. My computer is set up in my room, which was Alex’s and I sleep with the window open to cool fresh air. I sat in the sun and creepy flies kept me from napping. I have to renew my Oxnard bird list, so far is Starlings, crows, and English sparrows. I think I heard a mockingbird on my walk but it is difficult for me to tell because it sings every bird song it has ever heard and I look around to see if I am missing the real things. Ten thirty and into bed with me is a book from Debbie’s collection.

Familiar feathers

April 24th, 2013

English sparrows are ubiquitous. Debbie came back from the gym and her workout in time to spell the tough word for me. But it is the sparrows that are all around here. I see one going under a tile on the neighboring house with a feather and piece of straw so I assume there is a nest in the making. I will check up on Google or somewhere to find out how many are laid before incubating will begin. However many incubated each time there are only a few in the yard at any one time. Crows now and again fly across the back yard and maybe they intimidate the sparrows and if so it is only briefly. I would expect that if a sparrow was comatose for long a cat would find a feast very quickly. No wonder there are so few sparrows. I remember birds that stunned themselves by flying into my window but would recover after a few minutes. Those that did not, apparently suffered a broken neck and died immediately. Even in the human world the broken neck meant a spinal cord injury and the result was paralysis. Modern medicine has yet to find a way to repair that problem.

No sun No warm

April 23rd, 2013

Yes I am in California.No the sun is not coming through the clouds but I have promises. Temperature moved up to 66 now and should rise but not enough for sunbathing yet. I’ll stay for a while and wait for better. Deb goes to a gym for a workout and I am comfortable to stay home and twiddle my thumbs or something similar. I did shower and had oatmeal, milk and cinnamon, and cranberry juice. Maybe the sun will shine on the morrow.

Visited Thomas

April 20th, 2013

Home again in Bellingham at 11 pm after visiting Thomas, Morgan, and Avery. We were invited to see Morgan’s high school play and it was fun to see. The kids did a really fine job and I enjoyed it very much. Everett is about an hour away but Nancy had a cup of Tom’s coffee (strong) and so did I and we are quite wakeful. I found an old unfinished manuscript and plan to complete the book. The text was on an old computer no longer in service so it has to be re-entered, that is, retyped. No scanner available to do the job. I can therefore do a final edit while typing it. Maybe a serious edit although as I  read it I must say it is a very good story and has a first edit by Nancy which will probably suffice for the time being. I cannot promise that I will not edit again before publication. We will see. I am wide awake with hiccups and will work until I can no longer see the page. Certainly sleep in tomorrow.


Dizzy Medication

April 14th, 2013

An examination revealed low vitamin D so I am to take an extra doze for thirty days to correct that deficiency. That pill plus the usual Alleraclear and C affects me more than I expected. More foreign material to my system than I am used to and is over whelming. At least enough to leave me with an unsteady feeling. I will get used to that too. Brunch will help. Food always does that and other pacifying so off I go!

Home To close

April 8th, 2013

All showered and dressed for a trip to Richland. Steve, Debbie’s brother is going to pick up my furniture today. The house must be empty of “stuff” as it is on the market to be snatched up (I hope) for someone who wants to live in Richland. I would also but that is out of the question. I relocated to Bellingham and will check to be sure I have packed those things I want to keep. Friends I cannot pack and bring with. Oh I will make new friends but they will never replace those I associated for many years. There is a different climate to adjust to and I can always stay indoors. But first things first and I put the property in the hands of an agent who is checking the interested persons. When a party is found with the money I will sign it away. Although my “home” base will be Bellingham, I will visit other kids in Oregon, and California., maybe a side trip to  other folks in Minnesota. My siblings are long gone but some left offspring that I might visit as well as as cousins on my Mother’s side of the family. I will not drive to see them as I once did but Danny offered his frequent flyer miles and I ought to take advantage of those while I can still stand on my own two feet (at least long enough to walk to a wheel chair).